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Refuting the Sethite view (again)

Anytime I post a video or blog about The Genesis Six Experiment and the activity of the angels who mated with woman and produced Nephilim offspring, inevitably those who hold to the Sethite view come out of the woodwork to insult and try to “expose” me as...

KJV Onlyism and other Bible translations

As those of you who actually have good reading/hearing comprehension skills still intact already know, I love and study from the King James version of the Bible – and have for 40 years. It is, to this day, my preferred version of the Bible. That said, I do not...

Is Salvation the End or the Beginning?

Is “salvation” the end or the beginning? Reading many of the comments I receive on social media, I get the feeling most think it is the end. That’s all there is. “What does this (x-y-z topic) have to do with my salvation?” is a common...

Killing the Beast

Other than the occasional pollen season allergies, I honestly can’t remember the last time I have been really sick – you know the kind of sick where you can’t sleep because you are hacking your lungs out all night long, complete with vomiting,...
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