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2015 Lubbock Nephilim

Below are the titles of the 5 sessions held at the 2015 Lubbock, Texas Nephilim, Monsters and Giants Conference, featuring Joe Taylor, Pastor Dan Chrestman, Dr. Judd Burton and Rob Skiba in the video playlist above.   SESSION 1 -Were the Giants Real? by Joe...

Babylon Rising

This page contains Rob Skiba’s Facebook notes specifically related to the subjects covered in his first book, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last. Such subjects involve government conspiracies (such as 9/11), secret societies, Nimrod, the Antichrist, End...

Archon Invasion

This page contains Rob Skiba's Facebook notes specifically related to the subject of the Archons and Nephilim. They primarily deal with the issue of whether or not there were multiple Archon Invasions of angels continued to mate with women after the Flood. This is...

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