PLEASE NOTE: I am not in any way licensed or qualified to give you any form of investment or financial advice. As with anything of this nature, please do your own research.

The above graphic shows the peaks and valleys of Bitcoin since 2013. As you can see, on 1/1/13, the value of one Bitcoin was $13. It steadily increased in value until it shot up from $136.32 on 10/14/13 to  $1,069.38 on 12/4/13. Then it dipped and peaked and dipped and peaked until today (5/10/17), where it now sits at $1,780. It is likely to dip again in the near future. But then, if its history is any indicator, it will come back and be higher than it was before. So, the question is, when should you get in? Now while it’s high, hoping it will go higher? Or wait until the inevitable dip and then buy with the anticipation of the next high? That’s a decision you will have to make for yourself.

If this is all new to you, please watch the following videos to help you become more aware of this amazing opportunity…

The first thing you will need to do is buy Bitcoin.

I buy mine through a resource called Here’s is a tutorial on that:

NOTE: When you sign up for coinbase, it will help me if you do so through my referral link:

Next,  you will want to get yourself a virtual “wallet”.

This is so that you can easily send and receive Bitcoin on-line. I use a resource called

NOTE: Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully when setting up your wallet. This site has maximum security features to insure no one can take your money, so write down all of the pass codes as you go so you don’t lose them. You WILL need them again in the set-up process.

My introduction to Bitcoin and Gladiacoin.

Now here is the show I did on this subject, which includes a way for you to help our ministry, while helping yourself:

Ready to get started with Gladiacoin?

Using Bitcoin through the Gladiacoin platform is just one way you can help support my ministry, while also helping yourself at the same time. I already have my two legs in the binary system set up on my account, so you don’t need my referral link anymore. Therefore, in order to get you best positioned and qualified in this system, please contact Ger Zimmerman at He will help you to get properly and strategically placed within my Gladiacoin down-line and help you to maximize your returns. Ger is in my down-line and Sgt. Jim Ramm is in my up-line. Both are willing to help me and to help you, so please don’t hesitate to take full advantage of their wisdom and resources when getting started.

Here are some additional resources worth bookmarking:

Sgt. Jim Ramm’s website

Bitcoin ATM’s:

Is Gladiacoin a scam or legit?



Those are just a few videos for both Pro and Con that I watched regarding this opportunity. Of course, there are many, many more on both sides of this. So, please do your own research and I would suggest that you weigh the pros and cons carefully before doing anything.

Not interested in Gladiacoin, but still want to help me?

Perhaps Gladiacoin is not your cup of tea. No problem. But if you are still interested in Bitcoin
and using it to supporting my work, and if you’ve already purchased some Bitcoin and
have set up your blockchain wallet, then you can give directly toward our ministry
by using this Wallet ID:


Whatever you decide to do, I thank you for your time and consideration and any potential interest you may have in supporting our ministry.


-Rob Skiba


Please ignore this section if you answered “NO!” to the above question.

Why am I even asking this question? Well, because after I posted this webpage and the YouTube of my 5/10/17 radio show, lots of Christians began to go psycho on me in my YouTube comments and on Facebook declaring Bitcoin to be the Mark of the Beast and other such nonsense. Wow. OK. Sorry, but no. Bitcoin most certainly is not the Mark of the Beast. For crying out loud. This is like when bar codes first came out and everyone was convinced it was bar codes. Now everything you own has a bar code attached to it. So, why aren’t you freaking out about everything you own? Probably because you eventually realized you were wrong and calmed the heck down.

News Flash: All currency is digital these days! It’s all just ones and zeros in your bank accounts. You walk around with plastic cards that represent your available balance and/or the “credit” you are able to spend. The paper some of us still use are talismans with absolute evil embedded in the iconography. So, where’s the witch hunt to burn all the paper? Where’s the outcry of Mark of the Beast nonsense over credit cards and debit cards, which also represent digital currency? Be consistent please.If you are going to go psycho on me, then look in the mirror and then chase down your own family first.

If anything Sunday replacing the Sabbath, X-mess and Ishtar Day celebrations are the better candidates for the mark of the Beast versus the Mark of YHWH. He actually tells us that HIS Feasts and Sabbaths represent HIS mark, which should be between your eyes and on your right hand in Scripture (see Exodus 13:1-10; 31:13; and Deut. 6:1-8; 11:18 for example). Therefore, BIBLICALLY speaking, if we were to allow Scripture to interpret Scripture, it only makes sense that the things that are not of Him, would be the antithesis of that – hence the mark of someone else, like in this case the Beast.

The Mark of the Beast is a PERMANENT thing. Once you take it you can’t go back. Does that sound like Bitcoin or crypto-currency to you?? Furthermore, those who take the Mark of the Beast are no longer redeemable and they end up with a counterfeit immortality, begging for death, but death flees from them, thus they are thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.

That is not something Bitcoin nor any other crypto-currency can cause. Therefore, it has to be a genetic/spiritual issue and NOT a currency issue. The whole buying and selling deal is only ancillary to the much bigger issues associated with taking the Mark. For more on this, please consider: 

Get a grip people. Wake up. Get educated or PLEASE for the love of all that is sane, don’t bother commenting on my wall or YouTube channel about me “promoting the Mark of the Beast” or other such nonsense because I’m interested in crypto-currencies.