PLEASE NOTE: I am not in any way licensed or qualified to give you any form of investment or financial advice. As with anything of this nature, please do your own research.

The above graphic shows the peaks and valleys of Bitcoin since 2013. As you can see, on 1/1/13, the value of one Bitcoin was $13. It steadily increased in value until it shot up from $136.32 on 10/14/13 to  $1,069.38 on 12/4/13. Then it dipped and peaked and dipped and peaked until the day I initially built this webpage (5/10/17), where it sat at $1,780. It is likely to dip again in the near future. But then, if its history is any indicator, it will come back and be higher than it was before. So, the question is, when should you get in? Now while it’s high, hoping it will go higher? Or wait until the inevitable dip and then buy with the anticipation of the next high? That’s a decision you will have to make for yourself.

If this is all new to you, please watch the following videos to help you become more aware of this amazing opportunity…

The first thing you will need to do is buy Bitcoin.

I buy mine through a resource called Here’s is a tutorial on that:

NOTE: When you sign up for Coinbase,
it will help me if you do so through
my referral link:

Next,  you will want to get yourself a virtual “wallet”.

This is so that you can easily send and receive Bitcoin on-line. I use a resource called

NOTE: Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully when setting up your wallet. This site has maximum security features to insure no one can take your money, so write down all of the pass codes as you go so you don’t lose them. You WILL need them again in the set-up process.

What happened with Gladiacoin?

As some of you may already know, this web page was originally set up to promote using Gladiacoin as a means of increasing your stock of Bitcoin. Sadly, Gladiacoin recently started doing things that were totally unacceptable. In my opinion, they have been shooting themselves in the foot and essentially screwing everyone in the process. Therefore, I can no longer support that “opportunity” in good conscience. I don’t believe it was a mistake to get involved back when I first started talking about it, but I do think it may be unwise to consider getting involved with it now. Here’s a brief synopsis of the current situation:

On May 10th, I aired a pre-recorded show on The Revolutionary Radio Project, wherein I had interviewed Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired) and Ger Zimmerman. Both were quite excited about and actively promoting Gladiacoin as a great thing to get involved with – as was I.

The reason I even did the show was because a friend of mine had signed me up with .05 of a Bitcoin (for a Level 1 position) and even before going public with my involvement (when only two or three people even knew I was doing the program), I was able to use the profits I was receiving to upgrade to a Level 5, right before airing my broadcast as follows:

To me, it was an amazing program, proving its value through daily payouts, accumulating over time to enable me to quickly advance in the program, rapidly earning Bitcoins along the way. Jim Ramm was in the upline of my friend Gus, who signed me up. Later, Ger Zimmerman came into my downline and quickly began to see problems with my “matrix” and offered to help. In time, he and a group of other friends of his, who all believed in me and the work my ministry was doing, volunteered to help manage new people coming into my downline, coaching them so they would not make many of the same mistakes I had made. While the “good times” lasted, he and his volunteer team did an amazing job of helping myself and everyone else they worked with to maximize their gains in this opportunity and to properly format their matrix in order to do so – and I wish to thank them for it.

But then, right in the middle of some fantastic returns, everything changed. People signed in as usual and saw this:

Essentially our accounts were being held for ransom money. While NO ONE was happy about this, some of us were willing to give Gladiacoin the benefit of the doubt and paid the fee (in my case nearly $350) in order to keep things plugging away as before. Since my primary Spartacus Level 6 account had recently doubled, I didn’t really mind paying the fee. But by this time, I not only had my original account that Gus had set up, but also quite a number of others, including a bunch of new accounts I had set up for friends and family from my recent profits. Fortunately, the fee was only applicable to Levels 3 and above, which most of my accounts were under, so my attitude was OK, let’s see what happens.

On another TFR radio show hosted by Roger Sayles, he, Jim Ramm and a few others remained optimistic and began to justify the fee to themselves, still willing to give Gladiacoin a pass (for the time being) for the same reasons I was. You can listen to the archive by clicking on the player below:

Since June 1, 2017 however, myself and pretty much everyone else have lost hope in justifying the fees and have thus begun a mass exodus out of Gladiacoin. Most I think are just going to ride it out as long as they can in order to hopefully still double their current investment(s) and will then likely not renew. And I know of no one who is still actively signing people up. So, this obviously means Gladiacoin’s days are numbered.

For now, I won’t be going to their new Profile 2 platform and I do NOT recommend anyone else to either. If Gladiacoin’s recent activities are any indicator, it will cost you – and probably in more ways than one. PLUS, if I understand it all right, you’ll get whacked with the “admin fee” again too. It’s a tempting carrot, but I won’t be taking it. As it is, perhaps because I became way too tempted before as a result of being overly confident in the system when it was paying out, I put nearly all of my earnings back into it setting up new accounts for people I care about in an effort to “pay it forward” what was done for me. That act would therefore add up to substantial loss if the site just disappears, thus leading to one heck of a painful lesson learned. So at this point, like many others out there, I don’t have much of a choice but to simply continue with my existing accounts exactly the way I have been and just ride it out for as long as possible, hoping for the best. With any luck, the promise to double in 90 days will remain valid and play out as hoped for everyone involved. Right now, it DOES appear to still be doing so, but at a much slower pace than before. So, here’s to hoping!

All I can say is I am sorry for anyone that feels they got scammed or otherwise screwed over as a result of all the optimism in my Gladiacoin broadcast. That was NEVER my heart. I had only good intentions and hopes that this deal, which WAS paying out quite well even BEFORE going public, would do the same for everyone else that it was initially doing for me. That said, everyone must note that I DID give PLENTY of disclaimers in the original broadcast I hosted with Jim and Ger. In fact, I REPEATEDLY stated that NONE of us were financial experts and that no one on that show was licensed to give financial advice. I also told everyone that I really didn’t know what I was talking about as I was just as new to all of this as my audience was/is and therefore, I highly encouraged everyone to do their own research. And the statement, “never invest more than you are willing to lose” was also REPEATEDLY stated by both myself and my guests. So, with at least 5 – 6 minutes worth of repeated disclaimers spread throughout the hour and forty-something minute broadcast, PLUS having offered every possible attempt to help everyone make the best, educated decisions through the efforts of Jim Ramm, Ger Zimmerman and his team as well as creating this web page, which had previously included plenty of info including at least 5 pros AND 5 CONS videos to help everyone make an extremely informed decision going in, I refuse to harbor any guilt over any losses people may have sustained. But even having done all of that, I DO still feel bad for anyone who may have gotten burned due their OWN choices – as I’ve made bad choices in the past before myself and I know how it can sting.

So, what’s the take away? Well, for me it is going to be to learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones again. There are some risks out there that may be worth taking – so long as you KNOW going in that it IS a risk and that if it goes south, everyone who KNOWINGLY took that risk is willing to own up to their own part in it and not blame others for any losses sustained as a result of their OWN choices.

I’m seeing a lot of hostility developing – not just against me, but against others I know too. And I’m talking death threat level stuff (yes, I actually received a death threat in the mail) and there were even talks of suicide from others. But in my opinion, that sort of reaction is NOT justified. Be angry. Sure. I get that. I’m pissed off about some things too. But in MANY respects, I’m at least being honest enough to place the blame on the one in the mirror. Because any losses I’ve sustained are all a direct result of MY OWN choices. No one forced me to make the decisions I made. And no one forced you either.

Now I’m seeing lots of other “new opportunities” popping up that are very similar to Gladiacoin and/or BetRobot. I’m hearing the same sort of amazing testimonies from people getting involved with these new opportunities that I heard with the others. But honestly, in terms of what these other new ones are presenting, I see very little difference in the mechanisms being employed. So, take this for whatever you feel it is worth, proceed with EXTREME CAUTION and be careful not to make repeat mistakes. This stuff can be REALLY addicting. And the temptation to just do a little bit more can be overwhelming at times. But that’s what gets you in trouble if you’re not careful. It’s why so many often win some decent money at casinos… and then go home broke because they lost it all by not knowing when to quit and just be happy with the gains they initially had.

I truly do believe Bitcoin is an amazing investment in and of itself, so just getting some and SECURELY sitting on them may be the best way to go. It already MORE THAN DOUBLED in value from the time I first started talking about it – and did so in just over a month. When I first publicly told people about this, it was just under $1,200 per Bitcoin. In about 6 weeks time it shot up to $2,700+ and as of today, at 2:22AM on June 6, 2017, one Bitcoin is now worth $2,833.88!

In fact, in just the past month alone it’s rise has been quite impressive – going from $1,577 on May 7th to $2,833 in just 30 days:

It’s even more impressive when you see how far it has increased in just one year – going from $568 to $2,839 (gaining $6 in value in just the time it took to capture the above two images and the one below)! What other opportunity have you ever seen that has had this sort of exponential growth in such a VERY SHORT period of time??

With these kinds of increases, who needs something like Gladiacoin?? Just get the stuff (again NEVER invest more than you are willing to lose though) and watch what happens! It’s projected to keep going up – even if it TEMPORARILY takes a bubble-popping dive soon – with minimum projections of reaching $3,000 in the near future. So, I’m looking at Bitcoin now the same way I did with gold and silver (and the Iraqi Dinar for that matter). Get it and SECURELY sit on it and enjoy the ride.

NOTE: Ethereum made a big jump this past month too – going from $80 to $257! W-O-W…

And yes, it’s actually quite easy to sell crypto-currency back for our worthless fiat paper money in order to get precious metals. And yes, my critics could have bought a LOT of silver and/or at least another ounce of gold with the gains they missed while mocking and ridiculing myself and others who are seeing the true potential of this stuff. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. But I hope this at least shows that it really does not pay to be an arm-chair critic. While some are mocking, others are investing in their future.

But again, it seems to me the best thing to do is research this stuff, then get some and simply sit on it and enjoy the ride. All of these other gimmicks and “opportunities” promising to double your crypto-currency of choice in “x” amount of time are definitely paying out quite well for some, but it is like rolling dice in Vegas. Sometimes you win BIG. Sometimes you lose it ALL. So please be cautious and wise moving forward.

Here are some additional resources worth bookmarking:

Afraid to keep your Bitcoin online? Consider creating your own paper wallet:

Bitcoin ATM’s:

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Whatever you decide to do, I thank you for your time and consideration and any potential interest you may have in supporting our ministry.


-Rob Skiba


Please ignore this section if you answered “NO!” to the above question.

Why am I even asking this question? Well, because after I posted this webpage and the YouTube archive video of my 5/10/17 radio show (which I took down in less than a week due to a lot of hostility), lots of Christians began to go psycho on me in my YouTube comments and on Facebook declaring Bitcoin to be the Mark of the Beast and other such nonsense. Wow. OK. Sorry, but no. Bitcoin most certainly is not the Mark of the Beast. For crying out loud. This is like when bar codes first came out and everyone was convinced it was bar codes. Now everything you own has a bar code attached to it. So, why aren’t you freaking out about everything you own? Probably because you eventually realized you were wrong and calmed the heck down.

News Flash: All currency is digital these days! It’s all just ones and zeros in your bank accounts. You walk around with plastic cards that represent your available balance and/or the “credit” you are able to spend. The paper some of us still use are talismans with absolute evil embedded in the iconography. So, where’s the witch hunt to burn all the paper? Where’s the outcry of Mark of the Beast nonsense over credit cards and debit cards, which also represent digital currency? Be consistent please.If you are going to go psycho on me, then look in the mirror and then chase down your own family first.

If anything Sunday replacing the Sabbath, X-mess and Ishtar Day celebrations are the better candidates for the mark of the Beast versus the Mark of YHWH. He actually tells us that HIS Feasts and Sabbaths represent HIS mark, which should be between your eyes and on your right hand in Scripture (see Exodus 13:1-10; 31:13; and Deut. 6:1-8; 11:18 for example). Therefore, BIBLICALLY speaking, if we were to allow Scripture to interpret Scripture, it only makes sense that the things that are not of Him, would be the antithesis of that – hence the mark of someone else, like in this case the Beast.

The Mark of the Beast is a PERMANENT thing. Once you take it you can’t go back. Does that sound like Bitcoin or crypto-currency to you?? Furthermore, those who take the Mark of the Beast are no longer redeemable and they end up with a counterfeit immortality, begging for death, but death flees from them, thus they are thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.

That is not something Bitcoin nor any other crypto-currency can cause. Therefore, it has to be a genetic/spiritual issue and NOT a currency issue. The whole buying and selling deal is only ancillary to the much bigger issues associated with taking the Mark. For more on this, please consider: 

Get a grip people. Wake up. Get educated or PLEASE for the love of all that is sane, don’t bother commenting on my wall or YouTube channel about me “promoting the Mark of the Beast” or other such nonsense because I’m interested in crypto-currencies.