Below are the titles of the 6 sessions held at the 2016 Lubbock, Texas Sons of God, Giants of Old IV Conference, featuring Dr. Aaron Judkins, Joe Taylor, Dr. Judd Burton, Rob Skiba, Jared Chrestman and Pastor Dan Chrestman in the video playlist above.


SESSION 1 – The Story Behind “Finding Noah” by Dr. Aaron Judkins

SESSION 2 – Star Child, A Nephilim? by Joe Taylor

SESSION 3 – The Shasu: Inconsistency in the Egyptian Hierarchy of Scale Thesis by Dr. Judd Burton

SESSION 4 – Archon Invasion: X-men and the Apocalypse by Rob Skiba

SESSION 5 – Detestable: Modern Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Bible by Jared Chrestman

SESSION 6 – The Nephilim Stratagem: The Great Deception by Pastor Dan Chrestman