By now, many of you have probably already seen this wonderful, masterpiece of work done by “Messianic Thug Life”….

To date, the video was liked and loved by 142 people and shared by 114 people. Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. Yet, it is really terribly dishonest, and frankly hurtful. Not just the video itself, but the responses, which followed. To which I first responded to one of my detractors with…

Right. Because YOU and countless other “teachers” out there haven’t talked about ANYTHING ELSE but Christ and Him crucified? NO OTHER topics have EVER been discussed by you or Bill or virtually EVERY OTHER “teacher” out there – in the “Messianic movement” or otherwise?

This video is cleaver and “funny” to some I’m sure. But it is an extreme misrepresentation of truth. For one thing, it’s easy to grab sound bites from candid conversation and make it look like that’s the ultimate truth in a situation.

More importantly, the CLAIM that these topics allegedly push Christ into the background and the ASSUMPTION that these things do nothing for the advancement of the Kingdom could not be further from the truth.

I have HUNDREDS (if not thousands by now) of testimonies from people who have come to Messiah (MANY being former atheists), who have begun to walk in Torah, who are now reading their Bibles again or for the first time, with new or renewed excitement and who have come into a much closer walk with YHWH through these topics. I get testimonies DAILY in e-mail, Facebook and YouTube comments, hand-written letters, phone messages, etc.. DAILY.

But you people (Torah terrorists being the worst) put on your self-righteous hat of judgment and claim you know better? You are the hand saying to the foot, “I have no need of thee.” You bear false witness and throw stones in a glass house and feel justified for doing so. Videos like this and people like Bill and others are the ones being “divisive,” hypocritical, one-sided, Pharisaical, judgmental and hurtful.

Of course the moderator of that “Thug’s Life” page deleted my comment (gotta love the Nazi mentality going on over there) which is why I am re-posting it here, along with the other one (which was also deleted) that was addressed to the original post in general:

What’s really wrong with this “movement” is clearly reflected in both this [Bill Cloud-Thug] video and in the comments below it. Christians have the only army that assembles its firing squad in a circle. It is prone to being the hand saying to the foot, “I have no need of thee.” It judges in EXTREME IGNORANCE based solely on false witness, hearsay, and self-righteous hypocrisy full of uniformed opinions. But whatever.

I have THOUSANDS of testimonies and more coming in DAILY of people coming to Messiah (MANY being former atheists), to the Bible, to YHWH and HIs Torah all as a direct result of YHWH using my work on these topics to draw people to Himself. I’m not saying this to boast, but rather to expose the LIES of those claiming these things do nothing to advance the Kingdom or to draw people to Messiah. Those claims are uninformed and easily proven false by REAL fruit.

Whereas, I wonder how many people come to Messiah from videos like this? I wonder how much the Kingdom is advanced and YHWH is honored by Christians bashing their own?

By the way Bill Cloud, Maria Merola, Natan Laurence, Thug freaks and company… you claim to be all about the Torah… well MOSES is the one who kicked off the whole FE discussion in the FIRST chapter of the FIRST book in your Torah/Bible. And if you think Genesis 1 even remotely supports your precious spinning, heliocentric, globular Earth model, you are beyond delusional. Start with an in-depth study of the FIRMament and go from there.

If YHWH felt the need to inspire Moses (or to dictate to him) the nature of our cosmos, right from THE BEGINNING of our sacred Scriptures, then… maybe… just MAYBE it might be an important topic to HIM. And the narrative NEVER changes in any description given by any author of Scripture who wrote anything concerning the nature of the cosmos, from Genesis to Revelation.

And just to further drive the point home concerning testimonies, I will now post screen caps of a handful of testimonies that came in during just ONE WEEK on social media. These were either given as comments on my YouTube channel or on my Facebook page to either a video or a blog I did on the subject of FE during that ONE WEEK. It wasn’t hard to find these as they are in abundance all over my various pages, but again, it has to be said that the following represents just a TINY sampling of what has come in EVERY WEEK for nearly two years now:

Do these not count for the advancement of the Kingdom? Are you going to spit in the face of all these testimonies, which again are but a TINY FRACTION of the many more, which have come in over the past two years. And if you still need more, please visit my testimonial page on

See also the following videos from another FE YouTuber who has received similar testimonies:

Revelation 12:11 says: “And they overcame [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Do you really need more testimony from people who have accepted the blood of the Lamb for their salvation? Because I could do this all day. It would take a LOT of time to show you all of the “fruit” that has come from this research. But of course, most of you armchair critics and Pharisaical nut bags will totally ignore all of this. Instead, you will follow the likes of Maria Merola who claims these testimonies are not valid (see my previous Facebook note) .

Speaking of, there was another related attack against me by someone named Wendy Mitchell who recently posted this video:

She is obviously just as insane as Maria, the source from which she got all of her misinformation. In fact, it is more than obvious that all she was doing was reading Maria’s “open letter” and parroting her “obsessive” Facebook rants, acting as if it was coming from her – which in most circles would be called plagiarism.

But to clarify for starters, uhmmm no. I did not come “out with this at the Revive Conference.” For one thing, I wasn’t even a speaker at that event. Rico Cortes could easily confirm this if you don’t believe me. I was just attending it. Second, I was only 1 month into my research at that point and not even convinced of it at that time myself. Of course, these two self-appointed, judgMENTAL freaks (Maria and Wendy) would know this if they actually had any clue about what they are saying.

This comes back around to the ridiculous accusation that I’m allegedly not feeding the sheep and that I am not preaching Christ crucified. Again, it is just further proof of their delusional insanity. And yes, I will call it out for what it is. It’s utter nonsense, not supported by anything except the rantings of deranged lunatics. But along these same lines, looking at the MANY topics of this person’s YouTube channel, I can see that she likewise does NOT PREACH CHRIST CRUCIFIED as her ONLY topic. So, this makes her a hypocritical pot calling the kettle black. And I would apply this same assessment to nearly ALL of my detractors who consider themselves teachers. Name one teacher you know who ONLY preaches “Christ crucified” and NEVER teaches on ANY other topic. You can’t even make the claim that the Apostles of Yeshua did that. There are LOTS of topics discussed in the Gospels and Epistles and in the entire Bible for that matter. So, this is an exceptionally lame argument.

In the SkyWatch/Prophecy in the News crowd (and associated spin-offs), you have guys like LA Marzulli who spends most of his time talking about aliens, UFOs, conehead skulls from Peru, the black-eyed kids, Nephilim and of course his famous line, “prophecy, politics and the supernatural.” Tom Horn is well known for his work on transhumanism and of course Nimrod and the Nephilim. Steve Quayle same thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think these guys have done some exceptional work in these fields, but where’s the outcry against them for not preaching ONLY “Christ crucified” all the time? Why aren’t they yelling at each other about supposedly causing “distractions” and leading people away from the Gospel?

In the “Messianic” and “Torah” teaching crowd, you have everything from an obsession with the Temple in Jerusalem, to the over glorification of the nation state in the Middle East calling itself “Israel,” and endless justifications for the so-called Star of David. You have constant in-depth teachings on the Levitical priesthood, the sacrifices, the robes, the tools, etc.. You have teachings on the “two houses” of Israel along with constant study on “Hebrew word pictures” and on and on it goes. Again, don’t get me wrong, most of it is REALLY GOOD stuff and things that really do help us to better understand our “roots” and walk with Yeshua and all of that. But is it ONLY “Christ crucified” that these guys are teaching ALL THE TIME without exception? Absolutely not. But where is the outcry against them for being a “distraction” and not ONLY sharing the Gospel message?

We have a severe case of extreme hypocrisy and a double-standard here folks. And I think a fair amount of the problem is very well articulated in these two videos:

I hear many in the Torah community especially calling Nephilim and flat Earth a “distraction” and a waste of time and worse. Yet the Torah STARTS off with an enclosed world cosmology in the first chapter of the first book no less!

In the third chapter, we are introduced to the Serpent and his plans to corrupt YHWH’s creation, setting off a “seed war”. By the time we get to the sixth chapter of the first book, we have Nephilim, leading to the corruption of all flesh, which was the catalyst for YHWH’s judgement with the Flood. Nimrod shows up after the Flood in the tenth chapter and in the eleventh, we have the Tower of Babel.

All of that is the set up for the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The rest of the Bible is the story of their offspring, leading to the Messiah.

From there, we progress into His final victory over everything established against Him in the first eleven chapters, culminating with the sky dome opening up (receding away like a scroll) and ALL OF THE STARS falling to Earth.

So the three things I am most ridiculed over (flat Earth, Nephilim and Nimrod) just so happen to be the very building blocks in the foundation for the entire Biblical narrative, wherein our Savior wins the seed war begun in the third chapter of Genesis! Yet these are the topics these Torah folks want to suppress, mock and ridicule as being “divisive” and a “distraction.” SMH

And when it comes to flat Earth, believe me, I didn’t just wake up one day and say to myself,

“Gee Rob, what can I talk about that will certainly be guaranteed to get everyone mad at me, draw CONSTANT ridicule and verbal abuse, nearly bankrupt myself, and be sure to get me laughed at and mocked on a regular basis? Hmmmm. I know! I’ll start talking about the idea that the Earth could be flat! Yeah, that should really make me rich and famous for sure.”

Sorry. No. That’s not what happened. And no. It’s not about me allegedly making a name for myself and getting rich. Both statements are patently absurd. There’s no “fame” in this. This subject draws CONSTANT rebuke and mocking. I could think of a million, far better ways to “make a name for myself” and to become “famous” if that was really my goal. And as far as this allegedly making me rich – LOL! Where do you people get such a notion? Those who believe and say such things are completely out of their mind. First of all, who is allegedly paying me? I’d really like to know so I can track down their accounting department and find out where all my paychecks have been going. You think YouTube is paying me a fortune? LOL! OK. Just set up a channel for yourself and try it. You’ll get a wake up call pretty quick.

I’ve had my YouTube channel for about 4 years now. When I take my TOTAL earnings from all of the videos I’ve posted, with all of the views I’ve had, and divide it out by the number of days since my channel has been up, it amounts to a DAILY paycheck just barely comparable to what I used to get paid per HOUR for the exact same type of work in the corporate world. Heck, when it comes to video production, I used to make nearly $3,000 over a weekend just doing wedding videos – all while not having to deal with any of the crap I’ve put up with for over half of the time I’ve had my YouTube channel. Sorry, but no. My YouTube earnings pale in comparison to anything else I’ve ever done – especially in the video production world. So trust me, no one is getting rich over here off of this stuff – especially not from YouTube or Google AdSense.

And at least as of this writing, I don’t have any books, DVDs or other products for sale regarding FE, so I’m not making money that way either. Aside from the occasional sales of my books and DVDs that deal with other subjects, any money that has come in to us these past couple of years was largely from the generous donations of people who felt led by YHWH to write a letter of encouragement to me and occasionally send a check along with it. Period.

Regarding our financial supporters, let me take a moment here to say a heart-felt and extremely sincere thank you from both Sheila and I. YHWH has been our provider more times than I can count, but most often He does so through people like you. There were numerous times over the course of the past two years, when I had absolutely no idea how we were going to make it through the month. But then, to our pleasant surprise, we’d find a check or two or three waiting for us in my PO box – often in the exact amount we needed, and sometimes with more to spare to carry us into the next month or to pay for some need as yet unknown but soon to manifest (such as when our washing machine broke and flooded our apartment or when we’ve had car troubles). So thank you for your love, support, kind letters of encouragement and financial assistance, and for being obedient to answer a call in the Spirit to help us when we needed it most. I can honestly say without reservation, we could not do what we do without people like you.

To my accusers, let’s quit with this business of making up unsubstantiated claims, followed by ridiculous accusations, which amount to the hand saying to the foot, “I have no need of thee” and being the true constant source of division. I’m doing what I KNOW I’ve been called by YHWH to do. And the fruit of my labors speaks for itself. Where’s the fruit of all the accusation, mocking, bearing false witness and armchair criticism? Care to compare fruit baskets?

This is not a time to be divided and hateful. We should be able to disagree agreeably without attacking our own.

-Rob Skiba