Gods_of_Egypt_posterSo I saw Gods of Egypt last night. All I can say is WOW! There was a ton of stuff in this one. First of all, the filmmakers did do their research and were sort of accurate in how they depicted the mythology (they messed some of it up and took plenty of creative liberties), but they had most of the basic elements there – including a stationary, circular, flat Earth, with the sun being pulled over it. Interesting. Interesting. Perhaps noteworthy in this regard is the fact that the Director, Alex Proyas also wrote and directed, Dark City, which of course is another flat disk floating in space movie. Is he Knowingly a Flat Earther? Who knows? But it sure seems this guy likes taking the helm on those types of stories.

Yes, I know, the predominantly white cast is problematic from a historical perspective (and I’m sure a huge demographic is already flipping out about this issue). Yes, it is cheesy and over the top at times. I get all that. However… the real issue as I see it is the preparation – indoctrination? – of the masses to worship Osiris/Horus (Nimrod), the one from whom we have our famous all-seeing-eye motif, which quite literally is seen all over the world.

Ever wonder why the whole world worships the Beast in the End of Days? Because they already are – and have been for millennia. This film just brings all of it into fantastically clear, vivid and amazing focus (especially if viewed in 3D), with lots of cool special effects and plenty of flair ($140 million worth). “Only one god can save us…” is of course the theme. Problem is – as usual – it’s the wrong god (or son of god).

Yes, it is a fantasy movie based (loosely) on ancient Egyptian mythology. But the message is still clear. And if you want to know how this message has been playing out, turn over a dollar bill and look at the symbols… then check out my book, Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last to see how this “Omega Plan” has been “set” in motion (or shall I say, circulation). See also:

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  • Rob Skiba