So… at the risk of sounding hypocritical (after my most recent post about cancelling Netflix due to releases like Cuties and other trash they’ve been putting out), I’m going to make a suggestion… which involves… watching Netflix. Hate it when that happens.

Yes. I do still recommend you cancel Netflix due to all the trashy content it has been putting out. That said, occasionally, they also put out some good stuff too. This is one such example. The documentary is called “The Social Dilemma.” Here’s the trailer:

Several people recommended I check it out in various comments on my Facebook wall. So, after watching the trailer (and realizing even though I cancelled Netflix, I still have access until the end of my billing cycle, which is at the end of this month), I decided to give it a shot. Wow! So much to say. I almost don’t even know where to begin. I feel like I could write a whole book about what’s bouncing around in my head after seeing this.

The primary message of this film is that EVERYTHING we click on and do here on social media is essentially being used against us in one way or another to keep us enslaved to the Matrix. But it also helps us to understand exactly how and why the world has gone completely insane in 2020.

This year created the Perfect Storm with “rona,” combined with the George Floyd incident and all that event sparked off and of course the Presidential “elections” coming up. All of it is rigged. It was all planned and carefully designed to do precisely what we see happening right now. None of this is catching “the Elite” by surprise. They engineered it.

Last week, I was supposed to join the other speakers and attendees of the Sacred Word Revealed Conference in Atlanta on the tour they took of the Georgia Guidestones.

But due to a bunch of unfortunate events, my flight got cancelled and I couldn’t get there until the next evening. Well, I may have missed the tour, but I already knew a lot about the Guidestones. Most notably, the first commandment etched into them:

Of course, in order for that first commandment to manifest, that would mean over 7 BILLION of us have to die! The question is, how? How could *they* get rid of that many people? Turns out, the best way to do it is to get us to willingly kill ourselves and each other. But how could they pull that off? Simple: mind-controlling manipulation… that we willingly allow ourselves to engage in through the watching of MSM and interactions on social media.

In the documentary, The Social Dilemma, the actual inventors of the technology we are using right now tell us how it works and the extreme dangers of it.

I do find it interesting however that the primary speaker of this documentary doesn’t even see how he himself has been programmed. At one point he talks about so-called “fake news” being spread on social media. Naturally, Flat Earth was a good talking point for him. He laments how easy it is for “false information” to be spread and believed through social media, all while proudly believing he’s a monkey that evolved out of a rock, which was spit out of a fireball that developed from the explosion of a microscopic dot, which was farted out of the butthole of nothingness. Oh the irony.

He talks about how information, photos and videos can be manipulated and then spread to the masses through social media. Meanwhile, the FE community has been showing how the exact same thing has been done through the mainstream media, through schools and “science” (falsely so-called) for decades prior. And we have PROVEN sooooooooo many photos and videos from NASA (and other “space agencies”) to be fraudulent.

Evolution has been debunked time and time again by Creationists and even secular scientists who have taken an honest look at the data for decades. In fact, the whole thing has become so bankrupt, their only solution now is to say Ancient Aliens did it.

But the biggest difference between us and them is that myself and others always tell you NOT to believe us, but rather to get out there and do your own tests. Look up the words for ourself. Go buy the Nikon CoolPix P900 (or 1000) and start taking it to the beach and elsewhere. Never take our word for it. Rather TEST and see for yourselves. Prove all things and hold fast what is good. We don’t tell you to simply take our word for it. Whereas in the mainstream, it’s always the exact opposite. Believe what they say because they have the white lab coat “cloak of credibility” and the pretty papers hanging up on their “I Love Me” wall. We’re always just supposed to take the “expert’s” word for it. Read the textbook. Answer their test questions correctly. Get validated for the indoctrination by passing the class. Then go out and teach what they force-fed down your throat, never questioning anything. Only repeating.

Anyway… this documentary actually revealed something to me, which has helped to explain some of my own thoughts and actions this year.

For those of you who have followed my work for any length of time, you know I have repeatedly stated that I am not now, nor have I ever been a prejudice man. I love all people, regardless of color or ethnic background. None of that has ever mattered to me. I’ve always judged others by their character and the things they say and do as individuals. But I must confess… in recent months, even I have noticed some of my attitudes changing a bit. Why?

Well, let’s look at the George Floyd incident. When I first saw it, I was angry about what looked like a horrible injustice. Then, as more details about George became known, my final analysis of the whole thing was basically that a white douchebag cop ended up killing a black douchebag drug addict. Over time, as still more details began to emerge about these people and the events before, during and afterward – who did what and when and who else was involved in it all – a somewhat clearer picture began to emerge. Ultimately, it was still an unfortunate event that shouldn’t have gone down the way it did and I was pretty much content to leave it at that and go about my business. Then, all hell broke loose across this country.

Suddenly black people who previously got along just fine with white people now hated or distrusted them (especially if they wore a police uniform). As protests and violence began to erupt, white people who previously got along just fine with black people now hated or distrusted them too. Both sides were posting horrible examples of people mistreating each other and the divide began to grow deeper and wider.

How and why did it all escalate so fast? Social media and the AI that runs it. Artificial Intelligence algorithms began to fill our news feeds with ONE SIDE of the story. But they did so based on algorithms custom designed specifically for you and me. My news feed literally became SATURATED with mobs of black people raping, abusing and killing white people and burning down cities. It was everywhere I looked. Meanwhile, I’m being told I’m supposed to accept the BLM narrative. What possible reason does ANY white person have to jump on board with a narrative that didn’t even reflect the actions of black people who clearly didn’t care about the lives of other black people, nor the lives of white people, who were constantly being demonized simply for being white? Hashtags and buzzwords like “white privilege” and “virtue signaling” and blah, blah, blah started popping up everywhere I looked online. Next thing you know, I’m a “racist” because I’m not buying the narrative. So, of course I fight back some more. The only thing I was seeing everywhere was that whites were the problem for EVERYTHING in the world, meanwhile my news feed is FULL of black people doing horrible things. So, I post those things to “expose the hypocrisy.” And then black people are mad at me for “race baiting.” Meanwhile, their news feeds are FULL of white people doing bad stuff to black people, only fueling their rage and reinforcing their opinion of us. And back and forth it has gone for months now.

For some of us, the protests and riots have drug some deep-seated hurts up to the surface. Some are being “triggered” by current events, which mirror past experiences. Some are being confronted by prejudices they have had in their family for decades. For these people, obviously it’s time to take a good long, hard look inside and ask YHWH for healing and forgiveness.

But for others, we need to realize we are being INTENTIONALLY manipulated into having emotions, thoughts and attitudes we otherwise would not have had. Case in point: I spent this past weekend in Atlanta. Nearly everywhere I went outside of the conference I found myself surrounded by large numbers of black people – at the grocery store, the airport, on the plane, etc.. Thus, I was in a heightened state of being aware of my surroundings. Constantly on guard, never turning my back, with mental tactics playing out for deploying self defense should the need arise. I have NEVER had such feelings before when in similar situations. Never. Fortunately, nothing happened. In fact, everyone I talked to was very pleasant and kind. But I have to wonder how many of us are now feeling similar distrust and fears we never had before?

Meanwhile, we ALL have the fear of “rona” coming at us from every direction. ALL of our news feeds are blowing up with statistics. But for someone like me, my news feed was also full of skeptics and debunkers, exposing the lies of the MSM. But others have news feeds full of “facts” from MSM that allegedly debunked the debunkers. So, we go to war against each other on that front. Meanwhile, something real is in fact out there killing people and making them very sick (I personally know friends who both had it and have lost loved ones to it). Should we wear masks? Do they even work? Let’s demonize everyone who disagrees either way!

Oh. And of course, we have to choose between a Demoncrat and a Reptilican this year. My news feed is FULL of horrible stuff happening in Demoncrat run states and cities. And Biden’s blithering nonsense. Meanwhile, Trump haters are given every reason under the sun to continue hating him in their news feeds. So, we go to war with each other on social media over this crap too.

I can’t for the life of me understand how any reasonably sane person could even consider supporting ANY Demoncrat based on 70+% of the content filling my news feed. Of course those who believe differently from me have 70+% of their news feed filling up with stuff that counters mine. And both of us are allowed up to 30% or so of the other viewpoints just so we can see and attack it. And the cycle continues day in and day out, 24/7.

Do you see what they’ve done? We build a few of the bricks ourselves. The AI analyzes our particular style of brick building, then it replicates and stacks them up all around us to build our very own, custom fit, echo chamber with a window through which we can throw all the extra bricks we could ever want at each other!
Sometimes they even end up as real bricks, conveniently stacked on pallets near the sites of “peaceful protests.” How nice of them.

The hard part is, even if we “unplug” from this mind controlled insanity factory, unless everyone else does too, nothing will change. It’s the scene in the Matrix when Morpheus takes Neo through the city and shows him all the people who are not yet “unplugged.” They are our enemy and they are many.

This is really starting to look like a no-win scenario.

As I said, this documentary has given me SO much to think about that it’s really hard for me to convey what I’m actually thinking and feeling right now. Even as I write this, I know I will remain “plugged in” to read and respond to the comments. And the comments will reflect whatever AI has programmed you to believe. Some will accept what I’ve said here. Others will find something to be offended about and want to fight. It’s all by design.

Some have suggested that the U.S. may one day be hit by an E.M.P. and all of this tech will be wiped out, thus destroying us. While all of our electrical devices being wiped out would indeed deal a crippling blow to this country, I don’t think it will ever happen. Not in any large scale sense anyway. Why? Because the Elite won’t let it happen. Why would they give up their MOST successful tool of manipulation and control? Without it, too many will be forcefully unplugged and thus begin to awaken to what’s really going on. No. I don’t see them taking out their own master plan.

Thus, I see no good end in sight. In fact, the way things are going right now, we are running full speed ahead into disaster and the only solution appears to be waiting on YHWH to finally say, “OK. Enough is enough! I’m going down there to take care of it Myself – before it’s too late and all flesh is destroyed.” Even so, come quickly.

In the meantime, man… we REALLY need to be aware of what’s happening to us. We MUST make every effort to “unplug” ourselves from all of this manipulation and make others aware that they need to do the same. The Luciferian elite are desperate to get us to hate and kill each other off so we never realize who the real problem is and take it out on them. What they fear most is the 7.5 BILLION of us waking up.

If you still have Netflix, watch this film. Watch it again and take notes… then cancel Netflix. And tell others to do the same. Then pray for discernment on what to do next. But my advice would be to spend less time on social media, watching MSM and using mobile devices. That’s what I intend to do anyway.

– Rob Skiba