SEEDTree_Official_LensFlareSome have wondered what is going on with my SEED project lately. Well, the short answer is that it is still moving forward… slowly. Yes, I did get side-tracked into all of the Flat Earth research I did over the past year, which has certainly consumed a lot of my time. At first, I was very concerned about this – as many others have been as well. But this much I know: YHWH has from the start been leading us on a journey with SEED. Looking back on this journey, I can honestly say that am very thankful now that the series didn’t manifest back in 2010 or 2011 when I had hoped it would. Because I have learned soooooo much more since then, which will make the storyline for SEED far richer than it ever could have been before. Furthermore, the research I’ve been doing has already drawn many people into either a first time relationship with YHWH or a deeper walk with Him than they had before.

From day one, our mission statement for SEED has been “To plant seeds that will enable us to better understand the times we are living in and to walk in the power of the Kingdom that only comes through a relationship with Yeshua.” It is and always was designed to be a “non-preachy” secular TV series, created as fact-based-science fiction written as a parable, laced with seeds of truth that the savvy Christian audience (who has done the research) can water as friends and families watch and get excited about the show, the same way they do with other shows currently on the air. Why a secular series? Because people do not go to the movies or watch episodic television to be preached to, they go there to be entertained. They can go to church or surf to preaching channels if they want to see/hear preaching, but “Christian movies” fail to reach the world, because (for the most part) the world does not go to see these films! And when they do, they almost always end up saying things like, “Well that was lame/cheesy/stupid, etc. Thanks for wasting my time and money.” Granted, they do reach some people, but if you are honest with yourself, most will agree that Christian movies pale in comparison to secular movies in many ways. And truth be told, these films are largely seen only by a Christian audience anyway, which just means we are doing more “preaching to the choir.” These films tend to be made on a very low budget, which leads to poor production value and many times bad acting, based on scripts that are too “on the nose” and/or cheesy to be believable.

My mandate for SEED really became solidified in my heart and mind as a result of seeing Thor (the first movie). I enjoyed it, but I was very frustrated by it. Why? Because it was a big budget film ($150 million) that grossed hundreds of millions of dollars (nearly a half BILLION – meaning MANY people went to see it) that had the central message of “The son of god saved the world.” The problem is it was the wrong son of the wrong god. I cried out to the One True God and asked Him why all of “our” films are made so cheaply and reach so few. I believe His answer back to me was, “Because you’re doing it all wrong. I didn’t call you to preach to the choir. I never told the world to go to the Church. I told the Church to go into the world with My message. Where is the world? They are filling parking lots of movie theaters and watching 4 – 5 hours of TV per day (at least in America, which is your Jerusalem, Judea and Sumeria) . You have got to become as good at telling the truth as the enemy is at telling lies.” For more on this, see:

SEED the series was initially going to be based on my Babylon Rising research. But that research led into the Archon Invasion research. That research led me into a deeper understanding of mythology and how it may play a major role in the Last Days “Great Deception.” These areas of research spawned 3 books and 7 DVDs, which have literally been read and seen by people all over the world, with the books eventually becoming best sellers on Amazon in several categories.

All of these topics required me to go through the Torah with a fine-toothed comb. As I was doing this, YHWH was showing me lots of stuff about Nimrod and the Nephilim that I had never known before, but He was also showing me much more about Himself and who Yeshua was and what His real mission, purpose and accomplishments were about. This led to the creation of the Virtual House Church, the weekly Bible studies of which have since reached tens of thousands of people with the message of salvation and the need to “get back on YHWH’s page” and to ditch paganism and return to the Appointed Times of Scripture. It also led to the creation of our Wisdom From The Torah Bible study workbooks, which are now being used by home groups all over the world.


By the Fall of 2014, my studies in the Torah, the prophets and New Testament led me into an understanding of what I’ve since called The Yahuwah Triangle, which is a pattern in Scripture that reveals the meaning of Isaiah 19, specifically what is said at the end of this chapter:

Isaiah 19:
23 In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians.
24 In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land:
25 Whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance.

I did my first teaching on The Yahuwah Triangle in front of about 70 people at Sukkot in 2014. Then, in December of 2014, I turned the series into a virtual conference and did it online for the world to see. I was then prompted by YHWH to put all of it on YouTube for free. Since then, literally hundreds of thousands of people have seen it. You can view the conference in its entirety and learn more from my blogs on the subject by CLICKING HERE. The thing is, YHWH actually gave me the vision for The Yahuwah Triangle at the same time He gave me SEED, and I created this graphic illustrating the Triangle back in 2009 as part of the original SEED website:


Then, last April (2015), I was introduced to a topic I never in a million years imagined I would ever even consider looking into, much less spend as much time as I did doing research on it. That led to the creation of and hundreds of hours worth of video and audio content. Here is the video playlist of all the videos I’ve done on the subject so far:

I have been praying about SEED nonstop since 2009, asking YHWH to lead me where He wants the series to go and to bring the right people for the project and the funds needed to me. I’ve also learned to go where His blessings are being poured out. When I first started looking into Flat Earth, just like everyone else, I thought it was the most ridiculous and absurd topic of all. But, the more I began to “test” the things we’ve all been taught, the more questions I had, because the evidence wasn’t matching the tangible observation. It got even worse when I saw what Scripture had to say about the subject:

Initially, I thought it was just onto something intriguing I had not looked into before. But when I started talking and making videos and writing blogs about it, suddenly nearly all of our financial support dried up. I literally had $800 in the bank and no prospect of anything more coming in. So, I gave up on Flat Earth (in August of 2015) and said “Screw all of it. I’m done.” My giving up certainly was influenced by our lack of financial provision, however it was also at a time when my father-in-law was dying of cancer in my living room (on hospice) and me having severe back trouble and sciatica, barely able to move – all while many were verbally assaulting me online, slandering, gossiping, lying and trashing my character, research and ministry. Finally, my father-in-law died and my wife and I had literally hit rock bottom. Then, something amazing happened. I started being flooded with e-mails and letters telling me not to quit and that “lives were being changed” and that I could not stop. To back up those letters, checks started to come in some of that mail too. This had become one of our only sources of income as very few were buying my other books and DVDs, likely thinking I had lost my mind. When complete strangers started sending us checks in the mail, I asked YHWH what it meant and His only answer was for me to continue doing what I’ve been doing. Now, we are largely at the mercy of YHWH and the generosity of those who believe I need to continue to reach the world with the work I’ve been doing. So, at the moment, I am standing under His blessing and provision, believing I’m right in the center of His will – regardless of what my detractors think. What I do find rather interesting about all of this Flat Earth research as it pertains to SEED though is if you look at the logo I created back in 2009, it’s one of those things, that make you go, hmmmm….


See the dream vision recorded in Daniel 4 

Until SEED is funded (we need to raise $15 million in order to produce the first 6 episode introductory mini-series with the same quality people are used to seeing on TV) and I am getting paid to executive produce, write scripts and possibly direct, I have very little support coming in by comparison. Yes, we have a growing number of $3,33 and $33.33 per month supporters, and all of that is going directly into specified SEED bank accounts, allotted for the graphic novel, videogame and live-action series. To date, I probably have about $30,000 total saved up, with the majority of it placed into the live-action category. But that’s barely enough to even pay a writer WGA scale. It’s going to take a LOT more to assemble the necessary team and finally go into production.

About $10,000 of the above amount is allotted to the videogame, which is currently in production by a small team of programmers who have taken an interest in helping me move this project forward. I still need to provide them with some more character animation elements, which is currently holding up the progress, but from the demos they’ve sent me so far, we are all convinced this is going to be a really cool and hopefully very popular videogame, the proceeds of which can be used to help self-finance our TV series.


Likewise, I have begun work on the comic book too, but it is very time consuming and I have very little time these days. Still, I did get about 10 pages worth of it done:

Also, back in 2014,  we managed to do a few episodes of the SEED Audio Drama to help people catch a vision of what we are trying to do, by playing the show in the theater of their minds. You can listen to what we’ve done so far by clicking on the pic above.

So, in summary, yes, I am still very much working on SEED in any way I am able to do so as essentially a one man show, with little financial resources to pay for the talent of others to help. In the meantime, I am building a MASSIVE audience, much of which had never heard of SEED before. As a result of the above research, I now have well over 50,000 subscribers and followers on social media and others who listen to my weekly radio show. They are now expressing interest in it. So, from what I can tell, YHWH is using ALL of what I am doing for the ultimate benefit of that project and calling.

I have some other potential meetings lining up in California next month (April 2016), which may lead to further connections and resources. But this is what has been done so far and my prayer remains that YHWH will use my gifts, talents and abilities to reach the world through powerful and engaging media content, which will draw people into the Kingdom of YHWH. And if you are interested in joining with me, please pray, then leave comments below (so I can find them easier than through e-mail) and let me know how you would like to help. Our biggest need right now is the financial resources to pay for quality talent or people willing to donate their talent to help us raise those funds.

  • Rob Skiba