First let me say, I really do sincerely love and respect Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Tom Horn, Josh Peck and the rest of the gang over at SkywatchTV. Whatever they may think of me, I still enjoy watching, listening to and reading their stuff. However, they really should have actually done at least a little bit of serious research before taking on this subject.

This was embarrassing. It appears they probably just watched a couple of videos by VSauce and a few other equally un-informed opponents of the flat Earth model to form their argument. For instance, NO ONE I know in this research believes that gravity is the result of the disk of “the Earth accelerating upward at 9.8 meters a second.” From what I understand, that was nonsense put out by The Flat Earth Society, which most seem to regard (now) as “controlled opposition” and not a good source for truth concerning this issue.

There are many other equally absurd “evidences” presented in the above video, but the worst of all is the exceptionally flawed concept that is summarized in what is theologically known as the Doctrine of Accommodation, which is the escape route they have to use in order to get away from the indisputable fact that Holy Spirit inspired authors clearly wrote in terms of an enclosed, flat world cosmology.

Even some of their own prized guests (such as Dr. Michael Heiser) make a rock solid case for this, as of course does Logos Bible Software:

Hebrew Cosmology

But then, all of these people – even after fully acknowledging what the Bible CLEARLY says – will then turn around and nullify Divine inspiration and toss out any notion of the inerrancy of Scripture with their absurd Doctrine of Accommodation rationale. And what’s worse, is at the end of the above SkywatchTV broadcast, in an amazing bit of irony, the sales pitch was for the validity of the Book of Enoch, which again is a flat Earth book. In fact, it is a SLAM DUNK for the flat Earth cosmology (pay especially close attention to Chapter 89:1-8)!

The good folks over at Skywatch and people like Dr. Heiser love Enoch for all the goodies it presents for a greater understanding of the Watchers and the Nephilim and all that jazz, but that information is only a tiny fraction of what Enoch discusses. In fact, you might as well tear out chapters 72 through about 90, because those chapters make absolutely no sense whatsoever if you have a spinning, heliocentric, globular Earth cosmological worldview.

Normally, I would have just shaken my head and let this one pass, because I know my name gets thrown around and laughed at in the various circles the above mentioned personalities run. I’ve seen and read it first hand. I used to be able to play in their club until I got black-listed and became the village idiot/heretic. So, who cares what I think? Whatever. That’s fine. I can deal with that. But this whole idea that “God revealed Himself to man in a way that ancient (insert “stupid”) humans could understand…” makes YHWH complicit (whether overtly or by omission of truth) in the apparent lies concerning the shape and nature of our world and its place in the cosmos. Thus, I must take a stand and say, “Sorry. But I cannot let that one go. My God is not a man that He should lie (Num. 23:19).”

As for the argument of “Christian astronauts” doing and saying this, that and the other things, proving stuff that contradicts Scripture, I can only say, read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, then carefully consider:

2 Corinthians 11: 14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Anyone who’s works directly contradict Scripture shall remain HIGHLY suspect in my eyes. And that suspicion is only compounded if said “Christian astronaut” is also a Freemason – as in the case of Jim Irwin, who ironically enough ALSO supported Christian Science, was an outspoken person against evolution, BUT is credited with finding the so-called “Genesis rock” (allegedly on the moon), which was dated to be about 4 billion years old… which directly contradicts the Genesis account of Creation.

As for this being a “distraction” and a source of “division” in the Body of Christ – consider well how you treat the TRUTH of Scripture and how you treat those of us who choose to believe in it 100% without compromising with such ridiculous ideas as the Doctrine of Accommodation. Those who think this is some sort of distraction from the Gospel would do well to read the Testimonies page of my website. The testimonies on that page represent a tiny fraction of the fruit that came in from this subject back in the summer of 2015. It has only exponentially increased since then. I receive many such testimonies in letters, e-mails, Facebook and phone messages on a daily basis now – many from former atheists. Why? Because the flat, enclosed world model can’t help but point people to a Creator. Whereas, the spinning ball going around an average sun, in an average solar system of an average galaxy, among billions of other galaxies in an ever expanding universe has – for centuries – led to people LEAVING faith in YHWH and trust in His Word. Why? Because the latter model clearly contradicts Scripture and atheists know it. In this regard, they are far more honest with the text than Christians are (at least concerning this topic). Evolution is seemingly plausible in the standard model cosmology. So also is the notion of “Ancient Aliens.” And now, Christians are also embracing both ideas. You have Christians who claim to believe the Bible, but leave room for Evolution. And you have Christians who also leave open the possibility of alien life “out there” in the cosmos. But all of that is quickly obliterated in the enclosed world, Biblical cosmology.

I have come to believe that this enclosed world, Biblical cosmology is rising to prominence and being actively discussed for the first time in five centuries again in the 21st Century for a very good reason. This game is coming to a close. Hence, DECEPTION is going to be on a MASSIVE increase. Some are saying that FE is that deception. I’m going to have to strongly disagree. The Biblical FE model points people TO YHWH and the truth of His Word. All of this other crap does not. In fact, it directly contradicts Scripture and renders YHWH a liar. So, which is a better candidate? I should think the answer is obvious.

Meanwhile, NASA (and other “space agencies”) are increasing their UTTER NONSENSE about more and more alleged “habitable earth-like planets” out there these days. I absolutely believe this is all a build up for a capstone to the GREAT DECEPTION that is likely going to roll out in full force in the very near future.

I believe lines are being drawn in the sand right now. Which side will you be on in the days ahead? The side of secular, largely atheistic “science” that consistently calls YHWH a liar or the side of Holy Spirit inspired Scripture that points to an amazing, loving, un-changing Creator who does not lie? After nearly 2 years of dedicated research on this topic, I’m now of the firm conviction that this is a critically important issue and well worth all the time and effort I’ve put into it – regardless of the CONSTANT ridicule.

In my opinion, Skywatch probably should not have even bothered to tackle this issue, because I don’t think it will go well for them. I wish no ill-will toward them or anyone else, but something is happening with this subject. It’s not going away and it’s not going this viral because people are stupid. Yeah, there are some issues that the flat Earth community still hasn’t been able to solve (give us a break – we’ve only had a couple of years to undo 500+ years of indoctrination). But there are at least as many problems the ball Earthers can’t solve either – the striking lack of curvature being a big one. But that’s a subject for many other, more lengthy discussions. For me, regardless of the various “issues” that remain unresolved, I’ve chosen to place my trust on the ONLY firm foundation we have: The Word of God. It says what it says and YHWH feels no need to apologize for it. The question then becomes, will we simply believe Him or make up excuses for why we don’t? I know what my answer is. What’s yours?

-Rob Skiba